Canandaigua Sealcoating - Driveway Sealing Specialists

Residential & Commercial
 asphalt sealing,hot crack filling
and striping.
       Driveway & Parking Lot maintenance is all we do! We are not a company who mows lawns or paints houses on the side. This is what we do and we are the best! I treat every job large or small, commercial or residential as if they were my own. It is my goal to provide you with the best possible service. From the time you first pick up the phone or email me, I try my very best to give you prompt professional service.
     What we do:
  • Edge around the entire surface to remove overgrowth of grass. 
  • Clean off surface with gas powered blowers, wire brushes, brooms.
  • Treat any oil stains to ensure even coverage.
  • Apply hot/cold crack filler if and when needed/desired 
  • Apply sealer BY HAND, not spray! This gives you the best possible coverage and ensures the longest possible life span. NO over spray all over your house!
  • Barricade with sign/tape.

     Quality Products:
  • We use only the best products made by Sealmaster
  • Our products are more environmentally friendly than our competitors.
  • Emit less of a harsh odor upon application & drying.
  • Out last the competition! 
  • Find out more about our sealer CLICK HERE

       What you need to do:
  • Simply pick up the phone or click on the "Request an estimate" button
  • Have your car out of the garage or out of your driveway 
  • Sit back and enjoy your freshly sealed driveway and enjoy the added protection and your fresh new curb appeal!


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